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Igniting Authentic Life in Christ Volume 10, Issue 16 - October 8, 2009
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Pastor's Blog
Beginning with this HABITS series, the sermons will be posted on a blog that you can get to from our church website:  This blog offers the opportunity for continued conversation on a sermon.  Just post thoughts, questions, or comments in the comments section.  As well as the sermons, newsletter articles will be posted.  Don't just read or listen, add   comments!
Wake-Up Women's-Mini Retreat 
Deadline to sign up is TODAY, October 11th. The mini-retreat will be held October 23 & 24 for the women of SCC. If you have any questions please contact Kristin Kratky at 303-1119 or 


Dessert at the Arthurs
Have you signed up for dessert at Tom & Sarah Arthur's house on Sunday nights? We have new dates available for you to sign up in October, November and December. It is our goal that everyone would come to a Dessert with the Arthurs. It's a great time to get to know one another. Come over to the  table in the Connection Cafe' and sign up. Thanks to all who have already signed up!
Communion Tables
You may have noticed that we've been using people's kitchen tables for communion recently.  Jesus would have used the average table that was available in the home he and his disciples were eating.  Would you be interested in sharing your kitchen table for SCC's communion?  If so, make a note on your communication card or contact the office at  or 394-6100.  If you have a table to share but need help getting it here, that's fine too. We'll be in touch with you about when we'll use your table at SCC.
Fall Office Hours
During the school year the Church office will be open as follows:

  Monday: 8:30am-11:30am
  Tuesday: 8:30am-3:30pm
  Wednesday: 8:30am -1:30pm
  Thursday: 8:30am-3:30pm
  Friday: 8:30am-11:30pm
Free Books
Each week you will find books on the Information Table in the Connection Café area.  Some of the books will have Pastor Barb's name in them or maybe some marks she has made in them.  Look them over and take whatever you want.
Get the Message on the Web
Now you can listen to, download or read each week's message on the web.  Go to  and click on message.  Then just choose your preferred way of enjoying the message.  You can get the message as a podcast now, also through iTunes (search: Sycamore Creek Church).

Survey, Conversation, and Blog
Dear 27 of You Who Read this Letter,
Peace!  OK, I'm being a little silly (or sarcastic?).  Last week we took a survey throughout this newsletter and found out that 27 of you read my letter.  The really perplexing thing is that 30 of you read half-way through!  Apparently three of you skipped over my letter in favor of the middle portion of the newsletter.  Hmmm...  Then 24 of you read the entire newsletter (or at least skimmed it).  I'm glad to know that our efforts don't fall entirely on deaf email inboxes.
So what would you like to see in these newsletters or my letter twice a month?  What would be helpful to you?  What would keep you coming back for more?  I have one idea: a conversation.
There has been for several years now a revolution on the internet.  It's called WWW2.  That is to say that no longer is technology and the internet a one-way communication tool.  People create their own content and post it.  Then people respond with content they've created in response.  The culmination of this was in 2006 when Time Magazine declared that "You" were the person of the year because "You" were creating new content daily (even hourly or moment by moment) on the internet.
What this means is that the internet can now be more than ever an avenue for a conversation.  And we at SCC like conversations.  We like to journey together in conversation about our dreams, hopes, fears and even our failures. 
I'd like to introduce you to an opportunity for a conversation that will take place each time you get this newsletter in your inbox: my blog,  Every time we send out this newsletter I'll be posting my letter on the blog.  You'll have the chance not just to read it but to respond to it too.  I'll be doing the same thing with each week's sermons.  Did you like a particular point?  Tell me about it.  Did you think something wasn't quite clear?  Ask a question.  Did you think I was just plain wrong?  Let me know about it with love and kindness.
In this way I hope to engage us in a continuing conversation, a conversation about seeking authentic faith in Christ.  So what do you think?  Any good ideas?  Tell me about it .


P.S. Thanks for taking two seconds last week to tell us you were reading the newsletter!

Upcoming Events
Vision Meeting 
There will be a Vision Meeting on Sunday, October 25 following the 11:15am service.  Plan on being there to learn more about the church's vision for the next year including our one-year strategic plan, an upcoming congregation-wide consultation and visioning day, and more. Before the meeting we will share a meal together. A movie will then be provided for children in the band room while the meeting is being held in the worship area. Mark your calendar now!
Vision Meeting Meal
Before the  Vision Meeting a Sunday, October 25th, SCC will be gathering for a meal. SCC will be providing sloppy joes and buns. If you would like to help provide chips, veggies, fruit, cookies, brownies, Rice Krispy treats... . Please contact Shelley Mull at or 694-4235. 
Congregational Consultation Meeting
Mark your calendars for Saturday, November 14th. On this day our church will have the opportunity to reflect together on our culture. This will include looking at our history as well as our future life together. Our conversation will be led by John Savage, a church consultant that the Team Leaders have hired to help us through this process. John is a retired pastor, church consultant, psychotherapist, spiritual director, and musician. More details will be announced in upcoming weeks. In the mean time, feel free to discuss it with any member of the consultation team that has been put together to work with John in preparation for this day: Tom Arthur, Kathie Brooks, Thomas Oates, Chuck Bird, Martha Trout, Dotty Wilinski, Mark Aupperlee, Crystal Eddy, Sandy Robinson, Becky Wilinski, Mike Arvizu or Jeremy Kratky.

 October Mission Project 
The children of Kid's Creek will be one of the first to donate new  children's hats and gloves to children of need in the Lansing area through their donation to the Lansing City Rescue Mission's Free Store.  The store provides gently used clothing and materials for people in need all year around.  Kid's Creek will be collecting hats and gloves as their mission project throughout October and will make their donation the first week of  November.
September Mission Project
Kid's Creek collected their weekly offerings throughout the month of September and gave $68.91 to Heifer International, a ministry dedicated to stop hunger around the world.  Kid's Creek partnered with Heifer International to provide a heifer (cow) to a poor region of East Africa.  Cattle are both a source of food and income for struggling communites.  Each dollar collected will go toward the   purchase of cow. Kid's Creek remains committed to  blessing people both locally and globally. 
  StuREV Check Point
Who: Parents of StuREV youth
What: Parent Meeting
When: October 11, 2009
           from 1 - 1:45pm
Where: StuREV high-school room
Why:   * Learn of upcoming events
* Learn about service opportunities for youth within SCC
* Discuss current curriculum
Habits effect our lives for better or worse.  In this seven week message series we'll be exploring the kinds of habits and practices that will change your life and move you toward God:
Habits Intro (Sep 13)
H - Hang time with God (Sep 20)
A - Accountability with others (Sep 27)
B - Bible study and memorization (Oct 4)
I - Invovlement with the church (Oct 11)
T - Tithing your money (Oct  18)
S - Serving your community (Oct 25)
Come learn some new habits that will change your life!

The Compassion Closet Mission Project
Our Sycamore Creek Church (SCC) family has been asked to participate in the collection of personal needs items donations for the months of FEBRUARY, JUNE and OCTOBER each yearto help the families who are served by the Compassion Closet, a Personal Needs Ministry, in our community. Christian Services, LOVE in the name of Christ, is a Lansing based non-profit organization that coordinates these services and provides the necessary link between our churches and those in our community who are in need.  Since October is one of the  collection months, we wanted to inform you about SCC's window-seat involvement in this mission project to help our community.  These donations will be collected all Sundays in October and at various times/days throughout the weekday at the church office in the month of October. 
Personal Needs Items List: 
Dish Soap
Paper Towels
Toilet Paper
Bar Soap
Laundry Soap
Sanitary Pads